Revealing the Sile River is a research conducted by B&M Ingegneria and Latitude Platform for the Genio Civile of Treviso. The assignment was the investigation of to what extent and how the urban development processes of the last 60 years affected the water flow of the Sile River (Treviso, Italy), a resurgence river that crosses Treviso – Veneto, Italy. In order to understand the relation between the spatial transformations occurred over the last decades in the upper catchment of the Sile River and the changing fluctuations of the same river, Latitude produced a detailed diachronic regional mapping highlighting the varied paved areas. The transformations have been studies also looking closely to the alterations occurred to the basic spatial elements of the territory and how the management of water changed at this fine-grained scale. Al these information were finally integrated in the hydraulic estimation worked out with the engineering partner office.


2012 - 2013


Treviso, Italy


Andrea Aragone, Federico Gobbato Liva, Marco Ranzato, Fabio Vanin, Marta De Marchi


B&M Ingegneria


Genio Civile di Treviso

  • Revealing the Sile River

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