PAD Bordet frames the future of one of the most fragmented areas of the Second Crown of the Brussels Capital-Region, where the consolidated city is juxtaposed to a productive territory with various socio-spatial enclaves and crossed by a strategic system of mobility and economic activities running between Zaventem international airport and the city center.
In order to unite the different areas and to federate the different actors with their own visions, but also to imagine a future that is attentive to the ecological conditions of the area, the project team developed a series of strategies that bring the landscape and its environmental structures such as the soil or the existing vegetation systems to the centre. The landscape as a framework is not an obstacle to the needs, but rather a project capable to hold together both dispersed and fragmented realities. By reworking the interstices, PAD Bordet seek to articulate all the potential centralities.




Brussels, Belgium




Octavio Piñeiro Aramburu, Marco Ranzato, Federico Gobbato Liva, Riccardo Ruggeri


KARBON architecture et urbanisme, ARIES, ANYWAYS


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