Every space counts is an exhibition based on several postdoctoral researches at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta (ULB) with the support of the Institut Bruxellois pour la Recherche Scientifique, under the grant Prospective Research for Brussels 2012. Elementary Design 1 – Wet City Elements and Water vs. Urban Scape are the two mainstays of this academic research that Latitude has reworked to bear the abovementioned adage.
For the Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial (BULB), Latitude interprets any centimetre of the Brussels Capital-Region as if it was operating detention, retention and processing of (rain) water. This hypothesis leads to imagining that a rain of objects such as storage tanks, rain gardens, natural ponds, etc. would land on the Brussels landscape and would inhabit its urban elements such as streets, squares, parks, etc. like parasites. Unseen coalitions and complex socio-ecological arrangements of wet city elements would pop-up in a collective move for water.
Every space counts as every drop of water does.




Brussels, Belgium




Andrea Aragone, Marco Ranzato, Davide Cauciello, Octavio Piñeiro Aramburu, Lina Bentaleb, Marta De Marchi


BOZAR Centre for fine arts

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