Veneto 2100 open at the 5th IABR

Veneto 2100 open at the 5th IABR

The 5th IABR is now open!

Latitude is among the over 35 projects and good practices from more than 25 cities around the world that is exhibiting in Rotterdam at the 5th IABR ‘Making City’ with the research project Veneto 2100: Living with Water. The Biennale examines how the city can continue to generate our wealth in a sustainable manner and how to ‘make city’ in a fundamentally different way. Projects in such places as New York, Paris, São Paulo, Delhi, as well as Rotterdam, the Nile valley and the Veneto region try to envision different solutions.

In the future – the 5th IABR argues – city development will have to involve much more teamwork among different disciplines and continually changing alliances in which social agendas and economic ambitions must strike a balance with each other. Will cities be able to offer solutions to the major socio-economic and ecological challenges that face us this century?

Veneto 2100: Living with Water investigates how the region can transform starting from the forecasted environmental threats. A wall-map illustrates the future Veneto highlighting the dense presence of water, while nine chalk models show in detail prototypical samples of the proposed scenario and the different territorial conditions, including the geological differences. Three videos, resulting from the anthropological survey, depict the main social and spatial issues and the volume Living with Water together with Our Common Risk and Delta Landscape 2100 provide the details on the research content and process.

Come and visit!