Latitude at the AA London

Latitude at the AA London

Latitude (Fabio Vanin) is invited to lecture tomorrow February 22nd at the Architectural Association, London (14h00, Soft Room) .

Water management, hydrogeological dysfunctions, cultural and identity values related to water, are just some key cross-scale and interlinked issues that are increasingly present both in academic studies and professional assignments that deal with the territory. When coping with water, designers and researchers are often forced to rethink their learning and creative approach, moving towards complex outputs such as long-term visions, scenarios, process planning as well as specific technical solutions.

Can water become the privileged lens through which we look at the territory? Can water become the unavoidable “layer 0” of the praxis of design?

Through a series of recent works of Latitude Platform that range from the large territorial scale to the architectural one, the talk tackles the necessity of finding precise ways to read, understand, interpret and represent the dynamics of water in the frame of landscape urbanism research and practice.