The design competition Water is Alive calls for innovative and prototypical ideas for the dismantling of two existing treatment plants and the upscaling of a third one in the province North East of Lago Maggiore, Italy. The project proposal pays particular attention to the recurring geomorphological conditions of the area, which enabled a variety of uses of water over time, emphasising the need for a renewed culture of water. In order to balance the intense urban development on the lake’s shore, the project strategy aims to reinforce the transversal axes that link the mountain valleys to the lake. Technological interventions on the treatment infrastructures become thus the opportunity to improve the accessibility to the lake and to the inland paths, while engaging local associations in the management of the treatment plants, now places also for leisure and didactic activities.

The project was awarded the first prize ex-aequo.




Porto Valtavaglia, Luino, Maccagno, Italy


Andrea Bortolotti, Alessandra Marcon


CZstudio, ETC Engineering srl


Verbano S.p.a (first prize ex-aequo)

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