Revealing the Triangle is based on the statement that Place Van Meenen cannot be studied as an isolated centrality of Saint-Gilles – a municipality located on the south of the Brussels Pentagone –, nor as the only public space of the Triangle in which it is situated, but must be thought of in relation to the rest of the municipality, certainly on the metropolitan scale of Brussels, to the landscape and to the socio-economic macro-systems to which it is interconnected.
Latitude, in charge of the coordination of the participatory process and the spatial analysis, worked with Anyways (mobility engineering) to address the key issues of traffic and parking, with Dallas (design and construction) to realize the temprorary furniture, and with Loop (graphic design) to co-develop physical tests and an effective communication to welcome the public participation.




Saint-Gilles, Belgium




Andrea Aragone, Octavio Piñeiro Aramburu, Fabio Vanin, Alessandra Marcon


ANYWAYS, Collectif DALLAS, LOOP Studio


Municipality of Saint-Gilles

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