In the Verona plain, Italy, the past intense mining activities resulted in a complex pattern of water basins and wastelands of different shape and size. In the municipality of Isola Rizza, the rehabilitation project of a former clay pit of 40.000 sq m, subsequently exploited as illegal dump site, aims at giving back the area to the municipality for public purposes. Within this framework, Latitude Platform has been appointed to develop, in collaboration with the regional Water Board, some design reflections for the overall area. The core idea is to introduce an exception into the horizontality of this flat landscape. The design strategy places the earthworks at the centre of the conception of a new park. Just in front of the shallow depression resulting from waste removal a raised counterpart is imagined, in order to provide a privileged point of view towards the surrounding landscape. The strong visual relationship is revived also by the paths connecting the site to the main road, to the urban centre, and to other important natural and historical spots of the surroundings. The new park is flexible and open to a variety of uses, and served by only two fixed elements: a projecting roof in the lower part, almost hidden at the level of the countryside, and an equipped platform in the highest point.




Isola Rizza, Verona, Italy


Andrea Bortolotti, Marta De Marchi, Fabio Vanin

  • Parco Cava Bastiello

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