In November 2012 the Osservatorio Locale Sperimentale del Paesaggio della Pianura Veronese was founded, a network between several local actors in the area of Verona, in the Veneto region. The observatory, that emerged as a local response to the Veneto region observatory, in relation to European Directives, is born from a strong connection between the local Reclamation Consortium (Consorzio di Bonifica), the 28 municipalities of GAL (a local action group based in the Pianura Veronese), the Fioroni Foundation from Legnago, and the universities of Verona and IUAV from Venice. Latitude actively participated in most of the group’s initiatives, providing its experience in urban, socio-economic and landscape research. The shared goal of the members of the observatory was to elaborate different forms of bottom-up knowledge about the local landscape, by listening to the population, collecting ideas and raising funding in order to promote projects that are not top-down initiatives, but rather collective efforts of those who live on the territory. Moreover, the heterogeneous composition of the observatory and the coexistence of subjects with different heritage and technical, historical, economical and social experiences, could guarantee the design of realistic projects. Latitude collaborated by organizing courses and events, operating in research and analysis of territorial transformations, starting to imagine a new design approach at the landscape and urban scale, involving not only technicians and experts, but also researchers, students, professionals and inhabitants.


2012 - 2014


Verona, Italy


Valentina Bonifacio, Marta De Marchi, Marco Ranzato


Consorzio di Bonifica Veronese, Gruppo di Alzione Locale della Pianura Veronese, Fondazione Fioroni, Studio Iknoki


Regione Veneto (Rete Regionale Osservatori per il Paesaggio)

  • Osservatorio Locale Sperimentale del Paesaggio della Pianura Veronese

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