Moving Identity is a workshop held by Latitude together with Delft University of Technology – Taneha Bacchin, Daniela Maiullari and Emanuele Palatin – during the Urbanism Week 2014. The workshop engaged students in 5 exercises investigating scenarios to research evocative and figurative values both of the landscape and of the community of the city of Kiruna, Sweden. Kiruna, the northernmost city in Lapland, will be reconstructed 2 miles away from its current location because the city and its inhabitants are exposed to hydrogeological instability due to the intense mining activity. Nowadays the town is built along the Luossajärvi lake, which constitutes a strong characteristic of the identity of Kiruna. Because of ‘moving’ of the city, inhabitants will lose one of the most representative element of their town-identity. During the workshop Moving Identity, students were asked to reflect on the identity of Kiruna and to study possibilities for reallocation of the lake in relation with the new town project. Using different ‘traditional’ tools – plan, perspective, section, axonometric drawing and collage – students envisioned evocative scenarios focusing on the understanding of water flows and on the shape of the lake.


October 2014


Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands


Andrea Aragone, Federico Gobbato, Marco Ranzato


Delft University of Technology

  • Moving Identity

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