The competition called for the realization of 12 site-specific installations in the park of the Isola Borromeo, Cassano d’Adda, under the theme: “habitat, regeneration, and memory”. The proposal aims to reflect on the interplay between artificial and natural boundaries in densely urbanized regions. While walls and fences mark the contemporary landscape of gardens and agricultural fields in the area, natural elements still create dynamic ecologies crossing artificial boundaries through soil, air and water. The installation, intended as an act of appropriation of a natural element, is composed by a room that surrounds an existing tree. Three walls are built with a double metal fence filled with soil. The soil held within the metal structure contains seeds of wild and climbing plants. Over time, atmospheric agents will make the soil fall down, forming piles on the ground, while plants will spontaneously grow and colonise the fences. Only the frame of the initial structure will stand, establishing new visual relations among the installation, the observer and the surrounding landscape.




Cassano d’Adda, Milan, Italy


Andrea Bortolotti, Fabio Vanin


Comune di Cassano d’Adda

  • Ecoismi 2014

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