Gathering scholars and professionals from different domains, Latitude is a platform strongly engaged in context-based research and design.
Latitude aims at understanding space in its multiple dimensions focusing on emergences, space-place issues, the everyday and the unexpected.
It takes works on well-established urban conditions and territories, as well as liminal physical and social contexts, experimenting with a wide range of tools for investigation and dissemination at the intersection between urban design and anthropology.
The platform’s research and practice-based approach produces visually oriented outputs, such as publications, exhibitions, artworks and other initiatives that involve the general public like workshops and seminars.
Latitude is a dynamic working group that collaborates with universities, design offices, civil society organizations, public institutions and artists.

Directory Board

Olivia Casagrande, Marco Ranzato, Fabio Vanin.


Andrea Aragone, Andrea Bortolotti, Marta De Marchi, Marta Finotello, Federico Gobbato Liva, Alessandra Marcon.


Lina Bentaleb, Davide Cauciello, Simone Conz, Bruno Dias Ventura, Caterina Dubini, Roberto Genna, Martina Gentili, Anna Penso, Octavio Piñeiro Aramburu, Paolo Vanin, Adrian Vickery Hill, Sabeha Zerouali.


Sadhia Khan, Griet Lambrechts, Michiel Vanbalen, Cati Vilquin.
Smaranda Alexandresku, Valentina Bonifacio, Pauline Cabrit, Elena Calafati, Beniamino Casagrande, Bianca Fanta, Chiara Ferronato, Roberta Marcolongo, Andrea Masciantonio, Talita Medina, Aryani Sari Rahmanti, Stefano Reolon, Manoe Rouhe, Chloé Rouzerol, Thomas Stefani, Luca Ventimiglia, Benoît Zachelin.

Latitude v.w.z.

Office address
Rue Van Eyck Straat
11b, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium

Legal address
Rue Keyenveld Straat
57, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium