Ilot d’Eau, Atelier #4

Ilot d’Eau, Atelier #4
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Between the 26th and the 30th of March, in the frame of the design project Ilot d’Eau, Latitude is running the Atelier 4 (see Atelier Co-design #1).

The fourth atelier focuses on the realisation of small projects and technical devices designed during the Atelier #3 for some houses close by Place St. Denis, in the municipality of Forest, Brussels. Projects will be constructed both in private and public spaces, by students and members of CasaBlanco, together with inhabitants involved during the previous co-design phases. In two houses facing Place St. Denis we will arrange the preliminary work for the construction of a new common water tank.

In Rue du Dries, along the façades, a group of citizens will work with us in a “greening” project for the sidewalk, transforming a small part of the public with devices such as areas for plants, parking lots for bicycles, infiltration paths.